The DeltaLifter Features

DeltaLifter units can be built in different sizes, each designed to remove a range of jackets within each unit’s dimensioning limitations.
Each DeltaLifter unit will provide:

  • A safe solution, minimizing subsea and offshore work. No divers, and no operators onboard the Jacket or the DeltaLifter during operations.
  • A flat deck area to accommodate support cradles – as part of the removal preparation the robust cradles are welded on deck of the DeltaLifter in a pattern to match the geometry of each jacket, serving the dual purpose of guides during mating and sea-fastening during towing.
  • Low wave loads and reduced chance of impact damage on the jacket during connection, lifting and towing.
  • A shallow draft allowing access to a range of recycling sites. The flat deck can accommodate various skidding or wheeled transport system configurations for jacket transfer to shore.
  • A robust box structure that is easy to fabricate, operate and maintain
  • Benign motion characteristics due to limited water surface area during positioning and tie-up – towing to shore can be done in partially submerged position
  • Low capital and operational costs – the unmanned DeltaLifter is moved by means of leased tugs. Power and controls to operate pumps and valves are supplied through an umbilical cable from a containerised power unit on deck of an adjacent OPV.
  • Ample weather tolerance, permitting a wide operating window and reduced risk of down-time.
  • Short operation time offshore, maximizing the number of removal operations per season
  • The DeltaLifter design and operating principle is covered by several international patents.