The DeltaLifter Advantages


Elimination of almost all underwater work (other than pre-mobilisation cutting of seabed connections). The fixed temporary connection between the jacket and the DeltaLifter is made above seawater level, before the turning and lifting operation starts. There will be no persons onboard the DeltaLifter or on the jacket during the lifting operation or towing. The time offshore is shortened.

Environmental friendly

The DeltaLifter is an environment friendly method of jacket removal. It minimises offshore work and allows removal in one piece thus maximising onshore recycling. It uses existing tugs for transportation and only needs power during operations to operate its pumps and valves.


The base version of DeltaLifter targets a range of jackets with a weight up to 8200 t. For larger and heavier jackets, the design can be scaled to the required size.

Highly Competitive costs

Through its simplicity, the DeltaLifter delivers significant financial savings in both capital outlay and operating costs in comparison to other jacket removal technologies. Reduced operating costs are achieved thought simplicity of operations, low maintenance, reduced need for extensive underwater dive operations, and lower levels of manpower required throughout the removal and transportation phases. The robust DeltaLifter is designed for a long economic life.

Reduced operating time

Due to its shape, the DeltaLifter has benign motion characteristics, allowing operations to continue even during adverse weather conditions. The possibility of impact damage during the mating operation is low. In comparison with alternative methods, jacket removal time is significantly shorter due to simplified field operations and less chance of weather-induced downtime. A shorter turnaround cycle means more operations in a season.